Who we are

The acronym EPTTA is an anagram of the number seven (7). Culture, art and tourism are the three core elements that can support the quality of life of people with and without disabilities. The theoretical basis is “the Panaesthisia” because it is an experience-oriented approach that affects all senses of enjoyment and the perception of all actions, be it culture, art or tourism.


Theatrical performance


  • Participation in theater performances
  • Organization of theater workshops
  • Organization of traditional music workshops
  • Visiting museums and archaeological sites
  • Organization of traditional art workshops
  • Visit to traditional settlements
  • Tasting workshop
colored pencils


  • Music workshops
  • construction of musical improvised or traditional instruments
  • dance workshops
  • painting
  • theater
  • photography

Participants will have the opportunity to get to know Greek culture through Greek art.



  • Alternative and mild tourism
  • Healing tourism
  • Sports tousism
  • Agritourism
  • Religious tourism
  • Maritime tourism
  • Cultural tourism
  • Educational tourism
  • Conference tourism
  • Ecotourism
  • Medical tourism
  • Urban tourism


Wheelchair users


Accessibility of all services is a key concern of EPTΤA KOINSEP. There is a partnership with Villa Sevasti an accessible hotel. All services offered are accessible such as an accessible walk in the city of Thessaloniki or an accessible tour in the area of Mount Olympus. Additional services are the provision of personal assistant and the provision of care according to the needs of the clients.

Boules balls


Inclusive volunteering as a concept concerns the creation, training and activation of the joint volunteer groups, consisting of people with and without disabilities who have to coexist and work together to achieve the vision they have created. In this context, it is already obvious what role that inclusive volunteering can play in any modern society. In this regard, all existing social barriers and restrictions are removed and the inclusion of all people and human rights are respected.

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